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  • First of all I thank God for the noble reason that I had been associated with United Tiprasa Forum, a non-political and non-religious and non-profit Organization. The journey of UTF begun in the mid- 2018 with noble purpose to extend helping hands to the needy in term of medical treatment, education to the orphans, to encourage unemployees youth to impart various skill development for their sustenance of life. In a small span of UTF life, it has taken up various development works for the welfare of the people. It has been possible only because of the tireless efforts of its members. All members are kind hearted and have profound passion to work for the people. The basic motto of UTF is - To give but not to Receive & To serve but not to be Served. As the scripture says – ‘it is blessed to give than to receive’ Being an Advisor of UTF, I may request people who have helping attitude to come forward and join hands together with UTF, that will certainly reinforce the strength of UTF in providing helps to the poorest of the poor and will bring a tender smile in the face of poor people. As UTF is launching its Website, this will be an accessible to all section of people in the world. May God bless each and every member of United Tiprasa Forum
    Shakti Jamatia
    Advisor, UTF
  • It gives me immense pleasure to extend my warm welcome, on behalf of UNITED TIPRASA FORUM (UTF) to all members and to those who supported in various pioneering activities of the UTF. I am confident that sincere and dedicated members of UTF will do all the needful to help the Tripuri people who need it the most in all dimensions of their life. The UTF is constructing better tomorrow for all of us by providing free education, construction of houses for poor, treatment for sick people and so on. It is also engaged in the promotion and preservation of the rich cultural heritage and traditional customs and brotherhood of Tripuri people. I wish all success to its endeavor.
    Dr. Biplab Jamatia
    Advisor, UTF
  • United Tiprasa Forum as the name suggests is a group of like-minded Tiprasas committed to the well being of their long deprived community. Through their little sacrifices and contributions, the group of member believes that they can make a difference in bringing peace, joy and prosperity to the society they live in the people.
    Budhilian Hrankhawl
    President, UTF
  • It has been a great initiative on the part of UTF that had endeavored tirelessly spending all the rescources at one's disposal for the betterment of the uncared and underprivileged Tiprasa People.
    Jashpaul Debbarma
    Treasurer, UTF

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